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It's hard to imagine an FA Cup final in which sartorial choices are recalled more readilly than the winning goal, but that's what dressing up in cream Emporio Armani suits in public will do to a nation's collective memory.The unlovely suits, inexplicably paired with sky blue shirts and a diagonally striped red and white tie that would shame the worst dressed, heaviest-smoking turf accountant, became the iconic and lasting image of a generation of tabloid-courting underachievers at Anfield.You can add some pizzazz to your kissing style by trying different kissing styles, and by doing body kissing, where you kiss and caress your partner’s more sensual body parts, like her ears, her neck, and her hands.

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The recipe for this shrimp po' boy is pretty simple assuming that you have everything but since I did not have either the creole seasoning or the remoulade sauce I needed to start with them.

It is always nice to come across a tasty new food and my latest discovery is this shrimp po' boy that I came across on Ezra Pound Cake .

This was the first that I had heard of the po' boy but you really can't go wrong with a spicy grilled shrimp sandwich all smothered in a tangy mayonnaise based sauce.

The Liverpool team that day included David James, Phil Babb, Jason Mc Ateer, Jamie Redknapp, Steve Mc Manaman, Robbie Fowler and Stan Collymore, a group that became known as the Spice Boys.

They were a talented, photogenic set of players emerging at a time when football was making its first fatal steps towards the quasi-celebrity netherworld it has inhabited ever since.

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